How to Download PokerStars

PokerStars is available on multiple platforms and languages to cater to poker players around the world. The free software can be downloaded in three easy steps by visiting their website. You have to download the software, as instant play isn’t available.

In order to download PokerStars you have to click on the “Play Now” button at their website. They can auto-detect the platform that you’re using (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android). Downloading the software is self-explanatory, but I’ll explain the steps involved.

Downloading PokerStars On A Computer

The majority of modern computers can handle the minimum requirements to download the PokerStars software. Ideally you want to run the software on a computer that is closer to the recommended requirements to prevent disconnection issues and lag.

Windows users must have a 100MHz Pentium processor, 64MB of RAM, 20MB of disk space and an 800×600 screen resolution. You’ll need to be running Windows XP or better as well. To download PokerStars on a Mac you have to be running Mac OS 10.4.10 or later.

After you click the “Play Now” button the download will begin and once you click on the installer it’ll launch in a pop-up window. On this screen you can choose your preferred language and the method in which you want to install PokerStars (Express or Custom).

It should only take a few minutes for the download to complete at which point PokerStars will launch. You can almost start playing for play or real money, but beforehand you have to create a new account by filling out the registration and confirming your email.

Linux users that run Ubuntu, Fedora or another OS aren’t out of luck. Since 2005 Linux users have been able to run PokerStars in a Windows emulator called Wine. Visit WineHQ and download the latest version of Wine before downloading PokerStars.

Downloading PokerStars On A Mobile Device

If you want to play PokerStars on your mobile device you can download the software just as easily as you can on a computer. You’ll need to have a data plan to access PokerStars Mobile and there are also minimum requirements for each OS that we’ll discuss.

IOS users have to be running iOS 4.1.x or higher to access the software. The mobile platform is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software isn’t optimized for the new iPad yet, so you may experience layout problems until the software is updated.

To download PokerStars on an iOS device visit PokerStars and click “Play Now” to be redirected to the iTunes App Store. Once the app is installed the mobile poker room will launch. From here you need to register and validate your account before playing.

PokerStars Android app is compatible on all new mobile devices and tablets including the Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Desire and many other Android devices. As long as you’re running Android 2.2 or later with a screen resolution of 800×480 you can play.

The Android app can be downloaded directly from the PokerStars website. When you visit PokerStars on your Android and click on “Play Now” the Android app will install onto your mobile phone or tablet. Once installed you can create an account and start playing.


John Juanda Biography

John Juanda was born in Indonesia and lived there for most of his life, but he is of Chinese ethnicity. John didn’t move to the United States until he was heading off to university where he enrolled at Oklahoma State University. Juanda ended up getting an MBA at the Seattle University.

Before John started playing poker he was a very well known track athlete in university where he competed in a lot of the running events. You might wonder why John looks so fit at the poker table compared to the stereotypical poker player and it’s because he trained hard throughout his younger years and still enjoys training to do this day, but on a much lighter scale. After university John spent some time selling bibles door to door and then stopped that to start playing poker.

John Juanda is one of the most well known poker players in the world and is more established then almost every other poker player. John has won four WSOP bracelets so far in his career and zero WPT titles although he has come very close in the past. Juanda has made the final table in WPT events a total of six times already, but hasn’t been able to capture that title yet. Over his career John has 16 money finishes on the WPT and 45 money finishes on the WSOP circuit.

During 2001 and 2002 John really tore up the poker circuit and made many of his money finishes in those two years. Through his excellent play in these two years of poker John was named the Card Player Magazine Player of the Year both years. John has won a WSOP bracelet four times as mentioned before with those coming in 2002, 2003, 2003 and 2008. As you can see John took a little pause from winning any WSOP bracelets after 2003, but he managed to make a nice comeback in 2008 winning the $10,000 NL Holdem Main Event which was a big accomplishment for John. Most of the friends that John plays house games with have four bracelets so he was really gunning to get one in 2008 and he did so in one of the biggest events of the year which was great to see.

John is also apart of the Full Tilt Poker Team which is a big team of professional poker players who all play online at Full Tilt and where Full Tilt clothing at live events.

John has accumulated a little over $9 million in live tournament earnings in his career which has him right near the top of the leaderboard for all-time earnings. John has proved he has a very versatile game and many of the worlds best poker players will admit they fear Juanda. He is a very unpredictable player and you really never know what you’re going to get from him when he sits down at the table. He has excellent reading abilities and can tell when you’re weak nine times out of ten which is why he is one of the world’s best poker players.


How Best To Review a Book

Reviewing a book could be fascinating and very interesting provided you know how to do it well. When you are reviewing a book; you are not merely checking the content for grammar or style of writing. You also try and go deep into the characters and even the whole plot and the happenings based on such plots and characters. Hence, book review though interesting, takes time and efforts to master. You should be well versed in some certain basic things to enable you to become a good and respected reviewer of books. Let us over the next few lines try and find out what are the things that could help you to become a good reviewer of books.

When you are reviewing a book, you are giving a judgment of value about the contents of the book. Hence, it is highly important that your opinion should be free and frank. There is no point mincing words when you are reviewing a book. The book could have been written by a popular author but as a person reviewing the book, you should have the courage of conviction to speak your heart and mind out. However, this does not mean that you have to be all praise for the book or be totally critical about whatever that is written in the book. All you need to ensure that your review is factual, to the point and makes an honest attempt to pass a value judgment on the book. You can be positive about the book and still be able to point out shortcomings or areas where certain chapters or topics could have been better written. However, as a reviewer of books, it is important for you to be aware of each and every detail that is available on books. A review of a book cannot be done after a cursory glance. You should have the patience of reading it at least once. On a number of occasions another reading may be required before an attempt is made to review the book.

While you are judging a book, you should be very clear as to what is prompting you to pass such a judgment. There should be some well laid down criteria for such judgment of books. It is something akin to judging a new car that has come out in the market. You would pass a judgment about the car only after looking at the interiors, the dashboard, ease of driving, the fuel economy and other such factors. The same applies to review of a book. There should be some solid and factual criteria which should justify your review of the book.

While evaluating and judging a book, it is also important for you to keep the audience in mind. Each book review has its own set of audiences and when you are targeting a particular set of audience, it is important for you to write the review in a style which appeals to that particular segment. Their knowledge about the subject matter, the information that they are seeking from such reviews and other such important things must be kept in mind while reviewing a book.


Points To Consider While Reviewing Books

Before getting into book reviews, you should try and understand the time, effort and hard work that go in writing a book, in the first place. Hence, before passing a value judgment about a book, it is extremely important for the reviewer to be in the shoes of the author before actually starting the process of reviewing a book. If you have read a book and found it interesting, informative and worth the time you have spent on reading it, writing a positive review about it would be a small but significant way of expressing your gratitude to the author for having given you some wholesome entertainment and knowledge. Review of books need not run into pages. It could be just a small paragraph written about the overall content of the book, the plot or situations, the characters and last but not the least, the way the same has been presented in the book. Before you start reviewing a book, it is important for you to be mentally prepared for doing so and you should be in a position to put in place some basic ground rules that are important for a book review to be factual, informative and free from prejudices.

You would do better to start off by asking a question to yourself as to what was one thing that struck a cord with you read the book. Once this small link is established, you would be in a position to review the book in a proper and factual manner. On the other hand, if you are able to identify one particular thing that you have not liked in the book, the same could be also useful to write a critical review on the book. Based on the above crucial link, you can be in a position to move further. While moving further, it would be useful if you could speak your mind out and tell the audience whether you would read more books written by this author, or you feel that he or she needs to improve on certain areas and so on. If you are reviewing a book on fiction, it is important for you to make a frank assessment of the story or plot because this is the backbone for such fiction books. On the other hand, if it is a non-fiction book, you should be able to pass a judgment on the same by sharing your overall feeling after reading the book. Usually, non-fiction books make you feel either happy, sad, excited, depressed or even angry. Your feelings after reading such non-fiction books ought to be shared with your audience.

While reviewing a book, you would do better to jot down important points every now and then. These points could be very helpful in expanding the same and coming out with a nice little review. If you feel confident, you could also try and rate the book on a scale of 1 to 5. You could also try and use a question answer format for your own consumption which will help you to be more factual and objective in the review of a book.


Table Selection Tips

In order to be the best possible poker player you can you need to make sure that you do all of the little things correctly. Part of the battle of being the best you can involves choosing the right poker table when you’re playing. Whether you’re playing online or in a casino you should make sure you follow the tips below to ensure you find the best table for your needs.


When you’re playing at a land based casino such as The Wynn in Las Vegas, NV, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right table because often you don’t have as many options as you would online. If you do have options as to where to sit you should look for players will above average chip stacks. You don’t want to sit at a table where everyone has less then the minimum buy-in because you won’t get paid off on your big hands. If you’re familiar with the casino and some of the regular players you should also try to scout the tables to see if any fish are playing. Sometimes you’re not going to have a choice in a casino where you get to sit, but you should try to whenever you can.

Online Poker Room

When you get the latest Poker Stars Download and you’re playing online it’s a lot easier to find a table to meet your needs. All of the poker rooms offer some basic stats of the table when you’re viewing the lobby. Stats such as the average pot size, average players to see the flop and so on. You can use these stats to find out whether the tables are loose or tight. If you’re a loose player then you’ll want to find a tight table so that you can start bullying the table and stealing pots from the tight players. If you’re a tight player then it’s ideal to find a loose table that you can sit at and wait for your big hand. You’ll be far more likely to get paid off on a loose table when you’re a tight player which is why you should join a loose table.

When you’re playing online you can also check out the tables for a couple rounds around the table. You should look for how the action is going and find out whether or not you think you’ll be able to do well on the table. There is no rush in sitting down at the first able you click when you’re playing online and you should spend some time making sure you’re joining a table which should work with your playing style.

Another important fact when choosing a poker table is to join a table which will work for the size of your bankroll. Often players try joining tables where the stakes are to high for there bankroll and they end up losing there money quickly. If you have $150 you can’t really play on a $2/$5 table because you’ll be playing against stacks who are 5-10X the size of yours. They will likely try to bully you and you won’t stand much of a chance unless you hit a bunch of hands. Finding the right table might take a bit of time initially, but once you get used to what you need to look for, it will become easier to find tables.


Poker pro magazine – the ultimate resource for poker stars and news

For a poker enthusiast who believes in keeping up with the current news in the world of poker gaming, the Poker pro magazine is the best bet in hand. It’s the best collection of everything you need to know about poker while providing a newly launched online playing platform as well. When it comes to packing in maximum information into a single place, Poker Pro magazine unanimously takes the cake.

The Poker Pro magazine started of a creative endeavour of two young poker enthusiasts as a primary source of poker related information that would appeal to players as well as beginners who show keen interest in the gaming procedures. But over the years Poker Pro magazine gained such far-fetched success that it ceased being just a poker tabloid meant to entertain and inform, it became a poker lovers’ dream come true. What set Poker Pro aside from the others was its dedication to the game and the players equally. It was not reduced to a Poker manual stating rules and regulations of the game, but a high-in-demand endorser of poker as well as its players giving them fame and recognition for their skills.

The founders were sure of their goal when they began the publication of this magazine and sure enough, it has lived to tell its tale of loyalty to the revered game of poker in itself. It has stood strong in testing times when others chose commercial profit instead of reliable poker reporting which has worked to its advantage over the years. It yearned to providers all that a poker magazine would require from poker strategies, tips, interviews with the poker stars, clear distinct journalistic writing and amazing photographs to give readers a quality reading experience. With advances in technology, the Poker Pro magazine had an online presence soon enough in the form of a website dedicated to it, so that fans can access it from any part of the world to attain current updates.

With its poker-playing platform, Poker Pro has managed to appeal to more people than it already had with the introduction of the magazine. With rewards galore, the platform is an engaging way to pick up one’s skills in the game of poker and consequently earn money at the price of a short subscription fee. When it comes to taking a tour of Poker Pro magazine’s contents, it is only interestingly enlightening. It packs in quite a punch with all the information, light- hearted gossip, amazing prizes and well- researched witty articles on everything ranging from a player’s perspective and psychology to the pros and cons of the variations of the game. Poker Pro magazine has never been partial towards the established experts in the game and cater to the needs of the amateurs by providing training articles and tips along with updates regarding the different tournaments and poker stars championships occurring around the world. Hence, it would not be too presumptuous to believe that the Poker Pro magazine is a reader’s delight and player’s handbook.


Understanding Review Of Books Better

While reading of books is indeed an age old habit and is also a good past time, the internet and other such technological advancements have created a situation where the habit of reading books is going down quite drastically, particularly among the younger generation. Hence, the best way this wonderful habit can be brought back to its previous glory is by coming out with books that are readable, interesting and something that will capture the attention and interest of the readers, more so of the younger generation. The best way to understand more about a book is by ensuring that it is read well. Only when the book is read well will we be able to review the book and pass a judgment or comment about the book. Over the next few lines, let us try and find out how review of books helps in the sale of books and what factors should be kept in mind while reviewing books.

There are many ways and means by which a book can be reviewed and the internet is the place where books can be reviewed on a regular basis. However, there are certain unwritten ground rules that should be followed while we are in the process of reviewing a book. First and foremost, it is very important to mention the title of the book at the beginning and also in the body of the review to the extent possible. On the internet, this helps a lot especially when it comes to search engine optimization purposes. The next important thing is to remember to include the name of the author and also co-author if the book has one. Only then should you start the actual review of the book. When you give your opinion about a book, a particular chapter, a character or an event in the book, you have to do so, by being open and transparent. At the same time, it is highly important that you are refined and cultured in your review, without being rude and rustic. Even if you have to criticize something about the book, it should be done in a refined manner and should know where to draw the line as far as use of language is concerned.

It is important to stay only on the topic or subject matter of the book that you are reviewing. Never stray away from the main topic as it quite often happens. The next important thing is to also give references of a few more reviews from some other people if and when necessary or when you feel such references could be appropriate. It is also very important that while reviewing a book that you are precise and to the point. There is no point beating around the bush because you have to keep in mind that the readers of such reviews would be more interested to know facts rather than anything else. At the end of the day, the review of books that you undertake should be informative, factual and most importantly, written in temperate and acceptable language. Reviewing a book takes time and one has to have the patience and passion to become a good reviewer of books.


The Secrets of Playing Texas Holdem Poker Online

With the developing technology, everything has been taken to the internet. The traditional Texas Hold’em poker you used to play at the casinos can now be played online. You will get the same enjoyment and excitement. The good news is that most of these online Texas Hold’em poker games are absolutely free. You can play, play and play as you want. It is advantageous to play poker online because you do not have to incur the costs of travelling to the casinos. Ensure that you manage your time very well in this game because it is highly addictive. Do not overplay the game because this could prove hazardous to your life.

Ensure you have computer connected to high speed internet

What you just need is computer connected to a high speed internet. Most free sites require registration in which you give your names, login details and age. This is so because most states have illegalized the gambling by persons below the age of 18 years. Other sites may require a small fee for subscription. The subscription may give you a lifetime membership or membership for a limited period of time. The online poker sites for subscription offer better bonuses. It is advisable that you subscribe with them if you have the cash because they offer better terms than most of the free poker sites.

The Types of Players

The online Texas Hold’em Poker is loaded with players and playing styles most of which are unknown to the inexperienced poker players. You will in most cases be playing against experts or computer and so you should ensure that you know the rules and strategies of playing Texas Hold’em poker very well. You should always begin by reading the terms used in the game. Most of the poker terms commonly used in the game like calling, raising, folding, blinds etc. have different meanings from what they mean in English.

After learning how to play, perfect by playing free games online

After learning something new, perfect it by playing the free Texas Hold’em poker games online. The player’s style of playing this game is directly related to games stakes. If for example you are playing low limit Texas Hold’em Poker, there is high probability that you will play against players who are loose and inexperienced. These players have little or no knowledge of the critical poker strategies. They may only be aware of the strategies like raising or bluffing strategies.

Change your styles of playing as you advance

As you get deeper in to the higher Texas Hold’em Poker stakes, you will play against conservative players who are not prepared to take higher risks in chasing the draws of bluffing largely so as to win small pot. For those players who can only play Texas Hold’em Poker of the low limit until they have built their bankroll, they should be aware that many players whom they play against will be donkeys, bluffers, loose and chasers. One should adjust their style of playing to counter players of this nature by playing more tightly.


A Poker Guide For Beginners

In poker, positioning and sensing danger are the two most important factors that determine your success. For a beginner who is playing poker for the first time, understanding the strategy and sense of the game comes first. These positions determine the value of your hand, which will again depend on your decision. Let us check out in detail each of the factors responsible for a successful game.

Initial positioning

The early position involves a lot of danger. If you get into this position you will be the first one to make a move at every stage of the hand. You can certainly say that this is a risky position as you don’t have any idea of what your opponent or rival is about to do. Nothing can be done except to feel unlucky if you are in the early position. Just be careful and cautious in your decisions or else you will lose big money in the betting. Your opponents are the lucky ones when you get into this position.

Late position

While the hand value is as good as nil in the early position on many poker sites like, it improves in the late position. Cut-off and the button are the best positions at this stage. At times things get so easy that you don’t have to view the flop to win the pot. It becomes easy to know the correct pot odds as you are the one to play later. In this position you are actually seeing the game happening in front of you, which gives you a fair idea of which move to make. This way you can adjust and modify your moves and win the bet.

Let us say that there are three basic skills that have to be mastered to become a good poker player. Basic mathematics is the first skill which will help you to understand the possibilities and probabilities of the game. Once you get the hang of it you will come to know when to fold and call the bet. Those who overlook this part are considered to be poor poker players.

The second aspect is to maintain discipline in the game. Have patience and keep cool between moves to play a fair game. Take only the gambles that the situation demands. Try to understand when to play and when to fold your cards.

The third one is related to your mind and judgment skills. Read the psychology of your opponents, predict their moves and make yours accordingly. Prediction of three main aspects understanding your opponents’ moves – what they think of what you have and what you think of what they have helps to make good moves. Bluffing is also a very important aspect of poker games.

If you take all these points on board there is more than a 60% chance to win the game. The more you play and experience, the more you will understand the ups and downs of this game which will in due course make you a master of this game. Build good pots and impress your family with your winnings.


Super system poker book

Availing information as to the strategies that may be used in poker games is of utmost importance. The game has gained fame as well as infamy in equal measure. Many have actually considered it a means of living as they have made tremendous winnings in the games; others have had their lives destroyed especially financially simply because they never inculcated the right strategies and skills. One thing that you will need to understand is that there is the poker philosophy that you should inculcate in your game to ensure that even when you lose, you do not have your financial background shaken.

Various books have been written in an effort to equip player with the ability to play the game well and win. One of the poker books is Super System, written by Doyle Brunson. One thing that is for sure is that this book has quite good information pertaining to the game and how one would make good money through poker. It comes with a lot of information that would be very applicable in the games it portends to give advice.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that the tilt poker book was written more than thirty year ago. In this case, you may find out that some of the games that the book gives advice about have changed completely. One thing that you will appreciate is that poker game is quite dynamic. It undergoes a lot of changes not only in the structures but also in the strategies. It is important to acknowledge that many skill and strategies that were useful in yesteryears may be quite sterile as far as present day games are concerned. In this case, the applicability of the book as far as some of its sections are concerned would be quite limited in the present day poker. Nevertheless, this does not render the book completely inapplicable as there is the timeless no-limit advice by the author that is very relevant even in the world today.

One of the sections that many poker players would find useful is the no-limit Hold’em. The poker tournament strategies that the section comes up with would be very applicable even in present day poker. However, many would consider the strategies in this section over aggressive as it has the conception of high-buy-in high-stakes games. Many people would find this section a bit overstated as the buy-in-games incorporate more that 25000 dollars.

The book also has a compilation of some of the famous poker players in those times as well as the strategies they used. In addition, there is the section where Brunson outlines his life as a poker player as well as general strategies that would be appropriate to winning poker. Poker players would actually take for granted these strategies due to their general nature. They include playing patiently, watching the competition carefully as well as keeping your emotions under control.

The glossary part comes with charts as well as poker numbers that explain the various occurrences and possibilities in the various games that the book covers. As much as some parts of the book may be outdated, it would be an asset in any poker player’s library not only for the strategies but also for entertainment purposes


Poker books and help guides are good but natural talent is also needed

No one can underestimate the usefulness of poker books and poker help guides. This materials offer great assistance to novices in this game. Poker books have existed for more than a century. Scholars started writing on this niche centuries ago. Information obtained from books will sharpen one’s skill. Success in poker is not determined by only book knowledge. Natural talent normally gives one an edge during the game.

There are different types of poker literature in the world. Some are in book form, some in journal form whole some are simple articles. It normally takes time to study the information in journals and books. If one has ample time in his hands, one can purchase a poker book. However, if one does not have ample time, the best option is to read poker articles found in different blogs and websites.

There are many blogs and websites online that have useful information on this niche. Poker sites that have high traffic and good reputation should be the ones visited. Information from these sites can be relied upon. There are various reputable bloggers who address the topic of poker. It is advisable to visit the sites operated by these bloggers.

Information obtained from books is normally more comprehensive than information found online. Before a book is written, a lot of research is normally done. If one desires to get comprehensive information on a particular poker aspect, one needs to get a reputable poker book. The advantage of information found online is that it is updated.

Most poker bloggers normally update information on their sites every day. Some poker sites have news sections. An ardent poker fanatic should always keep abreast with the latest happenings in the poker world. Books and blogs normally contain loads of useful information. This information can be on the history of poker or on poker strategies among other issues.

Reading books is not the only thing that will make one a poker pro. A person who has some characteristics will very easily be a poker pro even if he does not read many books. These characteristic traits include emotional intelligence and analytical skills. In case one does not have these traits, one should undergo training under poker experts.

The expertise of a poker player can be judged by the level of his/her analytical skills. A lot of analysis is usually carried out during a poker game. During this game, one is first and foremost required to analyze the cards he has at hand. Such analysis will help a player develop a viable strategy to be used in approaching the game. The community cards on the table should also be analyzed. Emotional intelligence is needed during a poker competition. In all sporting competitions, players are required to have emotional intelligence. This means that players are supposed to exercise proper judgment and to control their tempers when engaged in sporting activities.

Poker books normally have tons of highly valuable information. Such information will help one to be a better player. A player who is informed and also certain character traits will have an edge during a poker competition.


The most popular game in casinos is Texas Hold Em

It is without a shadow of a doubt that Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular type of poker in the whole world. The popularity of Hold ‘Em can be attributed to the fact that there are many books that have this type of poker as the main theme. Also, a good number of movies nowadays feature some actors playing Hold ‘Em poker. The internet has also contributed to the exposure of this game.

There are many Texas hold ‘Em online forums. These forums are made up of poker fanatics. In these forums, one will get his poker questions answered by experts. Forums normally have expert members and novices. The novices are the ones who usually ask questions a lot of times. Most experts are the ones who answer questions. Anybody is free to answer any question and to ask any question in an internet forum. These forums have contributed immensely to the popularity of this game.

There are also many sites and online based casinos where one can play hold ‘Em poker. Due to this, the popularity of this sporting activity is greatly enhanced. Online poker sites make it possible for one to play a poker game from the comfort of home. All one will need so as to play is a stable internet connection, a functional computer and some small amount in the credit card which will cater for rake fees. Rake fee is a small percentage of the pot money that is usually paid to a poker site so that one can participate in a competition. This money will help the site owners to able to maintain the site.

Online, there are a lot of articles and reviews that touch on Poker. Actually, when one enters the word poker in a search engine one will be directed to a website or a blog page that contains articles talking about Hold ‘Em. These articles will furnish one with useful information concerning the different strategies that should be used in this sport, the popular casinos in different cities and the history of this sporting activity.

Literature with information in this niche can be easily obtained from bookstores. Poker books and journals have made this game to be very popular among people who like reading books. Some books contain information on how to make effective bets and some contain information on bluffing among other topics.

One of the most read poker books is “The Poker MBA“. This book is sold in major bookstores found in major cities around the world. Other popular poker books include Positively Fifth Street by James McManus and The professor, the suicide King and the banker by Michael Craig. One should opt for the books that have positive reviews. Reviews on the different books will be obtained easily online.

Ground breaking movies like Casino Royale and Rounders have made hold ‘Em to be popular among movie fanatics. Matt Damon is the starring in Rounders while James Bond is the main Character in Casino Royale. Matt Damon apart from being a well-known actor is also a highly acclaimed poker player.

Most people in the world of poker usually talk about Texas Hold’ Em. This poker game is the most discussed topic in the poker world because information concerning it can be obtained very easily. Such information can be obtained from internet sources and from books and journals.


The Poker Dos and Donts when Playing Pot Limit

Poker is a trendy game that many people are playing either for both recreational and financial gain. To have an interesting game, there are a lot of factors that requires to be put into consideration. The following are just some of the common poker dos and don’ts to making your gaming experience interesting.

Don’t play large stack if you are not seasoned with the pot limits. Large stacks are often difficult to play hence the need for playing small stacks especially if you have been playing with the Hold’em background. Avoid seating on the immediate right of tricky, aggressive or highly experienced gamblers. Look for a position on the left side of these gamers so that you can be having a good view of them moist of the time. The position taken by the punter is highly important when playing pot limit.

The pot-limit player does not condone punters gaming in a predictable pattern. No matter how favorable the hands dealt to the gamers are, winning chances of such gamers is highly reduced. Always try to juggle the gaming pattern once in a while to make it hard to predict.

You can bet your good hands but the good draws should only be bet once in a while. The semi-bluffs have greater chances of winning in pot-limit poker. Nonetheless, in case of fail it incurs higher amount.

A number of poker gamers do not believe in the power of books, analysis and study. They just try to play the game by feel as they are convinced it is a people’s game. This could be in fact be one of the greatest misconception as the analysis and incites compiled by experts have essential tip-offs that can give you an edge over even seasoned gamers.

The pot limit poker is an interesting game and so you should take interest yin the game. You should be ready to double or triple your stack the next time you win; and at the same time lose the whole amount. In case you lose, take control of your temper. Retain modesty when you are winning big streaks. Avoid being negligent on the odds and percentages since the odds offered may not be good enough to take you straight to the river.

It is imperative to avoid varying the size of your bet occasionally since it will give away the strength of your hand. This will deny you good chance when playing with skilled gamers. Many good players bet pots whenever they realize these kinds of weaknesses. You can choose to be making small bets that will not be costing you a lot in case the ventures fail. Poker is an unpredictable game. The amount of cash you bet is likely to get lost just like you are likely to win. Ensure to wager amount that will not hurt your financial status after you lose.


Reading poker books to improve your game

Poker is a game that has attracted a lot of popularity in the recent. You will appreciate the fact that there is a wide range of games incorporated in poker. All of these games have produced winners and losers in equal measures. Note that the game can either make your life or be the start of an economic turmoil in your financial aspects. You will acknowledge that there are different rules and regulations that the game comes with. Failure to play by these rules would lead to disqualification or even loss of the game.

Nevertheless, with the wide range of games incorporated in poker, you will need varying strategies. The games include Omaha and Texas Hold’em to name but a few. You will acknowledge that very many people of both genders have been successful in the game and made good winnings. This is the main reason as to why many people are attracted to the game. However, acknowledge that the game has produced its fair share of losers. The winning in particular games will depend on your skills as well as the strategies that you incorporate when playing.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of places where you can get oriented to the strategies and tips of playing particular games. You can always get oriented with the strategies from poker training websites. Alternatively, you could look into books in your effort to enhance your game. Good poker books are mainly works of professional players who may be considered successful in the game. Unfortunately, there are numerous books in the markets thus making it difficult to make the right choice as to the best ones. Getting the best book will necessitate that you incorporate the reviews pertaining to the books. There are sites that review these books and therefore, you could always get an idea as to how helpful they can be.

When looking for the best books to enhance your poker strategy, it would be important that you consider the author. Chances are that famous players will be having great experiences and strategies that would be helpful in the game. Being in a position to share their experiences is definitely a desirable aspect as you will inculcate the lessons.

In addition, it would be important that you look at the author’s level by the time they were writing the book. Chances are that if a beginner is to write a book on the game, if you are in that same level, you will be in a position to identify with the tactics and the strategies better. It is important to acknowledge that an author in another level will be scanty in details or even not be wholesome on the strategies. The strategies may also be far-fetched or not applicable in that particular level.

All in all, as much as the books would be important in enhancing your strategies, you still would have to go to the table and apply what you have learnt. Truth be told, you will not get instant results. It will take patience and a lot of practice to completely incorporate the lessons in your fingertips.


Discover effective tips on reading at work

Reading at work has become a favorite pass time for many people. In many cases, you will find people glued to newspapers, novels, magazines, articles, dissertations as well as research reports. It is important to acknowledge that this has a wide range of benefits.

By reading, you will be enhancing your self-image. This also has a bearing on your attitude as well as enhancing your ability to communicate ideas. You will also appreciate the importance of self-counsel in every line of business. The good thing about books is that they offer objective opinions and strategies that are devoid of alter ego and therefore you can count on the absence of attitude.

However, you can acknowledge that reading can be quite overwhelming as well as much of a hassle. You are definite to feel tired of reading especially when the books you are reading are not very interesting. This is mostly in cases of dissertations and academic papers or reports. Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can ensure that you enjoy reading at work while incorporating the lessons learnt.

To start with, you would need test the books that you would like to read at work. It would be a problem if you were to read boring books at work. You could avoid this boredom by reading sample chapters of the books before you can buy them this is possible especially with the advent of internet as many books offer sample chapters online. Alternatively, when shopping around in the bookstores, you would need to take some time and read some of their parts. This will give you an idea as to how interesting they would be.

In addition, you would need to set some time of the day or week to do the reading. As much as reading is beneficial to your career, it would be a problem if you were to be reading certain materials at work unless you have completed your duties. This calls for proper planning to allow for efficient utilization of the time and lower the chances of creating conflicts between your employer and you.

Moreover, it would be important that you determine and have a clear understanding of what you want to read. Chances are that other people will offer to give you particular books, newspapers and magazines. It is imperative that you find ways of gently turning down the offers and assure the colleagues that you will get the materials from them when you need them.

In any case, you do not want scenarios where you are mixed up on issues since chances are that you will be in a position to complete a single one.

Lastly, you could always make use of speed reading. As much as this may appear simple, it is important to acknowledge that you would need to incorporate some lessons on how to do it efficiently to optimize your reading speed. Numerous institutions offer these lessons. You can be sure that with the advent of internet, you can get lessons on how to do this from online course.