Points To Consider While Reviewing Books

Before getting into book reviews, you should try and understand the time, effort and hard work that go in writing a book, in the first place. Hence, before passing a value judgment about a book, it is extremely important for the reviewer to be in the shoes of the author before actually starting the process of reviewing a book. If you have read a book and found it interesting, informative and worth the time you have spent on reading it, writing a positive review about it would be a small but significant way of expressing your gratitude to the author for having given you some wholesome entertainment and knowledge. Review of books need not run into pages. It could be just a small paragraph written about the overall content of the book, the plot or situations, the characters and last but not the least, the way the same has been presented in the book. Before you start reviewing a book, it is important for you to be mentally prepared for doing so and you should be in a position to put in place some basic ground rules that are important for a book review to be factual, informative and free from prejudices.

You would do better to start off by asking a question to yourself as to what was one thing that struck a cord with you read the book. Once this small link is established, you would be in a position to review the book in a proper and factual manner. On the other hand, if you are able to identify one particular thing that you have not liked in the book, the same could be also useful to write a critical review on the book. Based on the above crucial link, you can be in a position to move further. While moving further, it would be useful if you could speak your mind out and tell the audience whether you would read more books written by this author, or you feel that he or she needs to improve on certain areas and so on. If you are reviewing a book on fiction, it is important for you to make a frank assessment of the story or plot because this is the backbone for such fiction books. On the other hand, if it is a non-fiction book, you should be able to pass a judgment on the same by sharing your overall feeling after reading the book. Usually, non-fiction books make you feel either happy, sad, excited, depressed or even angry. Your feelings after reading such non-fiction books ought to be shared with your audience.

While reviewing a book, you would do better to jot down important points every now and then. These points could be very helpful in expanding the same and coming out with a nice little review. If you feel confident, you could also try and rate the book on a scale of 1 to 5. You could also try and use a question answer format for your own consumption which will help you to be more factual and objective in the review of a book.